Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here's to Life

The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time. -- Abraham Lincoln

Well, I've done first blog entry! :0) I want to start most of them out with something positive or thought provoking. I liked this quote from Abe because I always need to remind myself to quit worrying about the future and to just take it one beautiful day at a time! What will be, will be. You can only control your actions (and sometimes even that is hard to do) but everything else is up in the air. Life is pretty amazing even if we don't always understand it at the time. Instead of stressing about all the unimportant things, take a deep breath and enjoy the many miracles and mysteries in this crazy world. I often find myself complaining about all the stuff I have to do or about the lady behind the counter that was rude to me but, honestly, what good does that do for either of us? I should just smile with the hope that it's contagious and that I might even lift her spirits as well as my own. There are much more important things in life. Like watching the clouds float by, listening to the birds sing, enjoying the innocence of children, taking advantage of the peacefulness of nature while going on a hike to clear my head, loving my fiance, friends, and familywith all my heart, the sweet yet subtle bitterness of dark chocolate -- Mmmm, such a very important part of my life, I just had to throw that in there :o) know what I'm talking about.... all the good things in life, and these are different for everyone but what's important is that there is always good to be found. I truly am blessed and thank God every night for having such a wonderful life, things could always be worse and dwelling on all the negative will only bring more negative.

Speaking of God, today was Easter Sunday and what an amazing service we went to. The perfect way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since I was not baptised as a child, I have been to many different churches over the years. I've never really questioned whether or not I believe but I have questioned the Church's role in our lives. I do not enjoy going to a church and feeling uncomfortable or judged. I also don't believe that any church should turn certain groups of people away. People go through tough times and the last thing they need when tryingt to deal with something is to feel like an outcast. I feel that some churches only segregate the people further but today I did not feel this way for the first time. I felt that everyone was accepted. They welcome the divorced, homeless, abused, GLTB's...and offered many resources to help anyone in need. They encouraged us to accept all these people and to reach out to anyone that may be in need. I immediately was influenced and inspired to be a better person. It was also very uplifting and entertaining and focused on many issues that happen today in society. The world has changed and I feel that our belief system has to evolve just the same to accomodate the progress and changes that happen within society. Please know that I am not putting down any certain religion just simply stating that I have never felt completely comfortable committing to a specific religion before and still am not but I'm finding myself more excited about a church and it's belief system and values than ever before. We'll see what next week brings.

Now just a moment for gratitude...I'm thankful that I am close with my family and they are always behind me, that my fiance and I have a house to call our own, that I have one of the best future family of in-laws, that my family is in good health and has no major health concerns, that my sister and her son, Andre' have escaped a very negative environment and are thriving, that i have animals to love and that love me unconditionally, that my sister has a job interview next week, that Dane & I are still together and are taking our relationship to the next level in 2010, that I work for the most amazing family who has so graciously taken me in as their own and is always there for me, that I have some of the most caring and empathetic friends around, that I have no major health concerns, that I have a reliable source of transportation, oh I could go on and on :0) Most of all thanks to everyone who plays a role in my life. Whether it be as a sister, brother, mother, father, confidant, spirit lifter, joke teller, hugger,'re the reason I want to be a better person, the reason I want to live my life to the fullest. I still need you to get where I want to be. I still need to be reminded not to be so stubborn, to not dwell on the past, to not get caught up in the "why's" but to ask myself what can I do about it...I'll get there, you'll get long as we stick together!!!!

Sweet Dreams!

Peace, love, & positive vibes......

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