Friday, April 16, 2010


I just want to take a few minutes to write how I'm feeling today. I've been dealing with something difficult that life threw my way. Something that left me hurt, confused, and heartbroken. At first I was confused, what in the world was I supposed to learn from this?!? But the time has come to let it go. As much as it seemed like this would be a relief to do, it scared me. I felt that if I put it behind me it was saying that what happened was ok. That I was excusing it. My day yesterday was full of mixed emotions but this morning, I woke up feeling lighter. I woke up ready to forgive, to move forward. I was ready to leave the past behind. I was ready to forgive, for me and nobody else. I still don't think what happened was ok but holding that resentment in  my heart and all the negative emotions that went with it was holding me back and in a sense, changing who I was. I didn't like where it was going. As I drove into work at 7 this morning,  I looked out my window and saw the blue skies and beautiful Bozeman mountains. One of my favorite songs came on and I started singins:  (Train - Words)

♪ Like stones in your pocket people try to wear you down
Someone always wants to take the love you found
So lets run with these changes and I want you by my side
And there's not a word that I ever heard
That could make me change my mind

Words they'll try to shake you
Don't let them break you or stop your world from turning
When words keep you from feeling good
Use them as firewood and let them burn

Underneath every word somebody's heart's been broken
With or without words we try to forget ♪

 For the first time in awhile a weight lifted off of me and I knew I could move forward. I can't be scared of tomorrow for what happened yesterday. Holding resentment or anger in my heart hurts nobody but myself. That's not the stuff that life's about. If I worry too much about protecting myself, I could miss out on so much. I can't change the past, I can't waste time worrying about the future, all I can do is learn from yesterday and live today! Enjoy each day and all that it brings! Yes, there are still going to be challenges. Yes, somedays I might get upset but I will handle it and accept it when it happens and not waste time worrying about them. I'm moving forward and I'm not looking back. Life's too sweet, the moments are too precious....I won't waste them. Brick by brick, I am rebuilding myself into a more positive, fearless, and free woman. Today was an exciting day! o) So enjoy your day, hug a little longer, let your lips linger, smile a little more, laugh a little louder, give more compliments than criticisms, don't waste time talking about others, put in a little more effort, give a little more, resist a little less, see that glass half full or gosh dang it, fill it up if it needs it! :o) That's it, just had to share...I'm feeling pretty darn good and am off to making homemade pizza and sipping a glass of vino with my lovah!!

Positive vibes....

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  1. I'm so happy for you, friend! Glad you're feeling light n fluffy. I love you!