Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 It's a chilly, rainy night and I just cozied up on the couch with Lola, a fluffy blanket and a small glass of Pinot. While driving home tonight, "Dust on the Bottle" came on and boy, did the memories come flooding back. Almost instantly, I was taken back to driving the country roads in our junker high school cars (yeah, that white 1992 Ford Escort hatchback with pink and teal stripes is still sitting in my driveway-Ha!!) , windows rolled down, volume blasted, singing at the top of our lungs, sippin' Boone's Farm, thinking there was no one "cooler" than me and my friends (and we were pretty cool by the way, well or so we thought). We had so much fun and our biggest worries involved boys (Wow! It's funny looking back on all the couples, some very interesting relationships happened--don't worry, we won't mention any names), silly drama, and what we were going to do that weekend. Life was good and I have four scrapbooked photo albums, random journal entries and the embarassing and sometimes sappy yearbook scribblings to prove it. Yes, Shyla...I just broke out the photo albums and why did you ever let me wear jean overalls or a bandana on my head?!? Ha! Ha!

 We were good kids, got good grades, involved in sports, (well not all of them....I remember a time or two where we drove by the long distance track team flaunting our DQ blizzards or how we practiced for softball by roadtripping before our games and then made the older boys come watch us), members of honor society and ran student council (don't worry Shy, Sara & I had your back since being the Vice President was SO hard-Ha!) but we sure knew how to have fun. Shy, do you also remember that pre-game roadtrip where you left Rice walking in the rain before we FINALLY talked you into finally going and picking him up!! Ha! We were one heck of a volleyball team and had many great trips on the ol' bus.  Once we even thought our parents wouldn't notice when we decided after a late arrival from an away game to stay out with a few boys but before you know it, the sun was coming up and Shyla's parent's were calling her cell phone. We thought our life was over and we would be grounded FOREVER!!! Well, we were probably out and about that next weekend playing foosball, cruisin', or kickin' it at Kislers. Or Krissy, remember that homecoming party where I got my future husband's baby sister in trouble when she was just a little frosh OR the time you, Shy, and I got stuck up on the roof of my garage?!?! :) Hmmm, how about them ramen noodles or never ending card games?? MOOSE!! Wow!

When I get to the last photo album...Dane starts popping up in the pictures A LOT. I can't believe I was a junior in high school when we started dating.Thanks Shyla!!! She set us up, planned where we'd hide my car, and from then on, we were all pretty much inseparable. The best part, he officially asked me out behind Car-Quest when dropping me off at my car on May 23, 2002. 8 years next month...I guess time sure flies when you're having fun. Aww, just flipped through a page of cute little notes and dried roses. I still remember that summer evening when I came home and found a big vase of flowers on my kitchen counter with a card wishing me happy anniversary and it had been only 3 months!!! I was smitten and I called Kara, right after she dropped me off to squeal about it. Another funny memory involved a  lots of bubbles and a jacuzzi tub....well I thought since that tub was 3 x's the size of mine, it would need 3x's the amount of bubble bath. That worked out GREAT! Well there were ups and downs, drama, and lots of memories...but we made it through it all and are an even better couple today. In fact, I will be marrying him in less than two months and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him....laughing, traveling, exploring, cuddling, and all that good stuff. This summer brings lots of new things and we'll be starting a new chapter in our crazy book of life & love. Together, as husband and wife we'll be moving away from MT and starting our own little life together. Bitter-sweet. We'll be leaving behind our close family and friends but making new ones and starting our own family (not for a few years, don't get too excited Mom and Krissy - Ha!). However, we can never replace the bonds with our close friends no matter the miles between us.

I have known every single one of my bridesmaids since we were little tikes and we are still close. I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing group of girls standing for me on my special day and I couldn't be more honored. Each one of them offers something special and as much as they are unique they share the same great qualities: loving, compassionate, caring, loyal, fun, and amazing friends. Thanks girls! Some of the best times of my life were spent with you and I know there will be many more memories to come. I love you!!

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